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Hear the Call to Adventure

Test your strength, endurance and mental fortitude in one of Earth’s harshest climates to achieve the pinnacle of expeditions: the South Pole. 



The Journey of a Lifetime


In this three-part adventure—from Snowbird, Utah, and the northern territories of Minnesota to Antarctica—you’ll prepare, plan and train for an expedition to the South Pole. Witness firsthand some of the most beautiful, snow-covered places on Earth. 

50 Years of Firsts

As the mantelpiece of Stanford Travel/Study's 50th anniversary, the South Pole Expedition celebrates the importance of education through travel. Fifty years of pioneering alumni travel has led Stanford Travel/Study to this ultimate adventure and its next "first." 

Education and Research

The academic component of the journey will be led by Stanford's Rob Dunbar, W.M. Keck Professor of Earth Sciences. Our expedition team will learn about the vast snowy tundra of Antarctica and its rapidly changing landscape while contributing to science through field research and data collection.

Expedition Elements


The success of our journey to the South Pole requires the effective teamwork of 14 individuals despite extreme external factors.

Extreme Environment

Extreme cold, fierce winds, high altitude and blinding, snow-reflective light make the Antarctic climate one of the harshest on Earth. Your team will be tested, making the arrival at the South Pole well-earned. 

Physical & Mental Fortitude

Explorers will ski for 8-10 hours across snowy terrain with a 75-pound sled in tow. Each person must be physically and mentally prepared to undertake this adventure.